Your child needs adjustment with new normal? Lets talk it out!

LOCKDOWN! When the lockdown was imposed first it came as a blow to us all and completely turned our lives upside down. It changed our entire lifestyle and our daily routines. The corona pandemic affected the whole world and caused great suffer and loss.
Besides, we mums too had to be more vigilant and active in performing our roles as our lives were even harder. What with the kids at home all the time and no house help as well, it was a very difficult time indeed!
But, like after every storm, comes the calm, lockdown too was eased. And it felt like a blessing, but at the same time, dangerous and risky as well!

Kids back to school

Schools reopening:back to school

Then schools were being opened again too. The children seemed to have mixed feelings in this regard. They were excited to see their friends after so long, yet worried and scared of the virus too. The safety protocols to protect from the virus also added to their concern. We were all frightened, weren’t we!
I was still confused about whether to keep the kids safe and enclaved inside the four walls of our home or to send them to school with the danger still out there.
I decided to let them go. But, with all the SOPs of course.
Nonetheless, before gathering their school supplies, I decided to give my kids a mindful session to ease their nervousness. I recommend you do that too.
Because children are shaken by these sudden changes that are coming repeatedly. It stresses them, affecting their mental health which eventually frustrates them. Parents in this regard have a crucial role to play to keep their children calm and mentally fit.
So follow me till the end of this article to learn a few tips to help your little loved ones adjust to this “new normal”.


Communication is the best key to solving any problem. Talk with your child. Inquire about his thoughts to find out what’s going inside their little minds. Are they scared? Are they stressed? Ask them and console them. Help them develop an understanding that change is constant. They can learn at home, online or they can go to school when it’s safe. Either way, what’s important is “education”.
If they are frightened of the virus and have made some extreme image of this disease in their minds by hearing the rumors that spread among children, then you have to clear their minds. Explain to them what this virus is and how to prevent it. Don’t tell them ” nothing will happen”. This may make them carefree which will increase the risk of getting the disease.
Create a name for their fear. Like “danger monger” or “fear lorry”. Naming it helps kids to normalize and accept their situations.

Be honest:

As parents, when you talk to your children, don’t try to hide the truth from them. This makes them go into a complex. Sit them down and have a proper conversation with them, telling them the truth. Prepare them to face the hardships of going back to school. How their lives are still not completely back to normal. Describe to them the severity of the situation. The danger is still awake. This does not mean that you should scare them but you have to impel them to be strong enough to face the reality.

 Be careful!school


Beware the virus is out there!
Explain to your children to be extra careful. Make sure they understand why they have to follow the SOP’s at school too. Make rules for washing and sanitizing hands when they return from school. Practice social distancing, from school friends too. Wear a mask and don’t shake hands. whenever they are in public. Don’t let them go easy on these safety measures. Make it their habits by constantly reminding them to decontaminate their spaces.

Be positive

Be positive. This is life-saving.
Insist your children to “look at the bright side”. They are going back to school! This is a happy moment, a ray of hope, a step back to their normal lives. They should be excited to meet their friends again, but at a distance, of course.
It doesn’t matter if they can’t hug, or can’t shake hands, at least they’ll be together again. They’ll be able to see and learn without a screen between them. Their teachers have missed them at school. Make them happy and excited to go back to school. Encourage them to focus on their studies and learn good things.
We are all scared, I know. But getting scared won’t help anyone. We have to stand up and do our jobs, run our schools, offices, shops. We have to fight with the SOP as our weapons. When it’s time to quarantine, we have to start at home too. We all have our responsibilities and we have to accomplish them.
Let’s accept this new life and prepare for it.


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