What leadership lessons you need to learn from Money Heist

Leadership lessons from money heist


You might be probably living under a rock if you haven’t already watched the Spanish series, named “Money heist” or “La casa de’ Papel”.

Well, if you really haven’t watched it, I recommend you do. Nonetheless, I’d be more than glad to give a small introduction to it. As the name “money heist” already implies, the drama is a story of a heist planned by a character called the professorwho gathers a team of diverse characters and to carry out his plans. The series is full of thrill and drama, with a very well-written story.

However, the popular drama glorifies “the heist” very beautifully, which I strongly condemn. Because no matter the reason “robbing is a crime”. Anyhow as a story, I must say; Bravo!

Nevertheless, there’s a lot you can learn too from this Spanish series, especially from the Professor. Though each character in the play has a unique personality and depicts different characteristics, the Professor is my most favourite. With his perfect sense of farsightedness and remote controlling abilities, he has a lot we can learn from.

Here are 5 leadership lessons the character Sergio Marquina conveys through his drama to his viewers. Although, I strongly believe it is completely up to the observers how they choose to comprehend any story. In this article, I’ll list 5 lessons that I learned from money heist and hope you infer these qualities in your life as well.Leadership lessons from money heist

Leadership lessons from Money heist

A Strong Team

Hiring eligible members to make a great team is the basic step to work up a plan. The professor employed various people having different abilities and skills for their specified tasks. He upgraded their strengths and worked on their weaknesses. This is a characteristic of a promising leader.

Cool and calm

If you’ve watched ” Money heist”, you must have noticed that Sergio always kept his cool even in the most alarming situations too. He never shouted at his team units and kept his temper. Many times he does get scared and nervous, but never would you see him get angry. Therefore, a leader should have the ability to command his crew without having to be loud.

Emotions and Work

The professor had a strict rule of having no emotional attachment between his team members. They were not even allowed to share their personal names, instead, had disguised names. Sergio had a high and strong EQ i.e emotional intelligence(EQ).

A team works well if they don’t emotionally bond with each other and as a result, they perform more professionally.

Earn Respect

In “Money heist”, the professor shows such abilities and qualities that inspired his personnel. As a result, they respected him and obeyed his commands unquestionably. They had no doubts about his plans not any objections to his instructions.

Therefore, a leader should prove to be capable enough to be followed. He should perform his part of the job first, to let others follow.


This is the biggest lesson “Money heist” offers to its viewers. In the drama, you’ll witness the Professor “working for the plan” more than “working on the plan”. You’ll be amazed to see that Sergio has the tiniest of details analyzed and has prepared for the worst of consequences. He has multiple strategies to cover for the failure of any of the plans.

Not only this, but the Professor also predicted the enemy’s every move too. He was always not one, but two steps ahead of them. As a result, he had well-planned counter-attacks to deal with his opponents.



These are some qualities of Le Professor that inspired me and gave me some motivation. I hope they inspire you to be better too.

Bella ciao! 




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