What is Women’s Abuse ?

Women's abuse
Abused Woman

It is recorded that 16 out of every 100,000 women is subjected to some kind of abuse. The term women’s abuse refers to all kinds of abusive behaviors towards a woman, just because of her gender and inferiority stigma.

When this abuse is in her intimate relationship; it’s named intimate partner abuse. Sexual harassment /abuse is gender-based. It can either be from the spouse or someone from the community.

However, the main motive of this evil-doer is to gain control over a woman. The purpose is to scare her by using physical or sexual force to control her behavior. Furthermore, let me make one more thing clear; women’s abuse is always intentional. It just doesn’t happen because the perpetrator has lost control or reacted involuntarily.

Therefore, stress and mental health issues can trigger abusive behaviors. As, according to the United General Assembly, the definition of women’s abuse is :

“any act of gender-based violence that results in or is likely to result in physical, sexual, or psychological harm or suffering to women. This includes threats of such acts, coercion or arbitrary deprivation of liberty, whether occurring in public or in private.”

Women's abuse
Mentally Disturbed Woman

Women’s Abuse:

Impacts On The Society:

Woman abuse spreads fear amongst the female population of a society. As a result, the abuser tries to control their actions. Hence, making women feel inferior and insecure.

In an intimate relation, women are often abused while breaking up or after separation. Most forms of woman abuse are against the law. Nonetheless, it is a critical issue of our society and affects the well-being of the community.

Different Types of Women’s Abuse:

Woman abuse is not a simple act. It involves several tactics. Following is the list of the different types of abuse. Spiritual, physical, sexual, psychological, emotional, domestic, and the list goes on. Anyways, whatever the type may be, the goal of the evil-doer is the same to control her actions.

Women's abuse
Abused Woman

1. Physical Abuse

This is the most common form of women’s abuse. It includes punishing a woman or using any kind of weapon on her. Burning or keeping her imprisoned are all categorized in this.

2. Sexual Assault

Raping or involving her in any kind of none consensual sexual acts is a form of sexual abuse. 

3. Emotional Abuse

Psychological/emotional abuse is the worst form of women’s abuse. Because it causes a woman to lose self-confidence and self-esteem. And since there are no physical signs it’s difficult for them to explain how they feel! You see, the wounds of words are less visible, yet even more painful.

Emotional intelligence is a great virtue that is required in every relationship. This includes verbal abuse, aggression, controlling her actions, dress, lifestyle, etc, stalking or harassing, and a lot more.

4. Social Abuse

Social abuse is the abusive behavior in front of other people that are included in this category. Also, it might include putting her down in front of her friends and family and embarrassing her. 

5. Legal Bullying

Legally abusing consists of any kind of legal pressure, forcing the woman to trade away some of her rights. It also includes trying to appear as her lawyer, and threatening behaviors while legal procedures.

6. Stalking And Threatening

This is a type of women’s abuse in which she is being harassed or threatened.

7. Domestic Violence

A woman facing physical/ emotional or psychological harm from her spouse is named domestic violence. It also includes marital rape and social abuse.


How To Stop Women’s Abuse

Nevertheless, to solve any problem, one has to eradicate the root cause initiating the situation. Now, what’s the main factor that gives rise to women’s abuse? You don’t have to think that hard. The obvious answer is; the inferiority stigma!

Still, in most societies, women are considered to be inferior and secondary to men. It is in the same societies that the crime rate against women is the highest.

You see, boys are raised to be greater and superior to women. These boys grow up to be proud and arrogant men. Who refuse to respect women. Who deem women to be their obedient slaves.

Therefore, to make this world a safer place for women, where women are free and secure. We have to break this stigma causing this dilemma.

Hence both genders and all humans are equal. Men and women both have the right to equality and equity. Their basic rights are the same. They both deserve respect and the right to freedom of choice. Women demand as much say in society as men do.






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