6 Habits to Avoid if you Want to Attract Happiness



Happiness has different definitions for all of us. Unhappiness on the other side is common. One can easily identify if anyone is unhappy around him.

Most of the time people think circumstances have a key role in determining whether they are happy or not but if we observe we can identify that happiness is under our control most of the time.
A study at the University of California suggested that genes and situations control at most 50% of your happiness. The rest depends on the person’s habits and the vision of life one has.

Habits of Unhappy People

The Constitution only gives people the right to pursue happiness. You have to catch it yourself.” – Benjamin Franklin

We present 6 habits that are commonly found in unhappy people.

Most people will say that they genuinely want to be happy but they are often seen to maintain habits that promote low moods and a negative perspective.
The good thing is that psychologists say 40%of the human capacity for happiness is within our power to change.


Unhappy people are mostly jealous of others’ achievements. They find themselves constantly comparing their life with others and may feel that they don’t have enough money or as good a car as their friends do.

Better behavior is to allow other people’s achievements to motivate you and take it as a reminder that anything is possible. Happiness isn’t limited to a person or a thing.

Living to please:

Living to please others can make your self-esteem contingent as you will not feel happy until others respond to you positively. And resultantly, you will not be able to find what are your needs!
Caring for yourself should be the primary focus.

Negative Self-Talk:

Do you talk to yourself daily thinking that you are not doing well enough or people don’t think that you are talented enough? If you do my friend, you need to stop this if you are genuinely looking for your happiness.
When you constantly talk down about yourself, you subconsciously accept it. Try to replace negative words in your self-talk.

Fearing about the Future:

It’s much healthier to daydream about how things might go right, rather than fearing how things can go wrong. It is true that happy people also get anxious about their future but they got a plan and their anxiety not last longer. Since they know how to manage their feelings. They plan about their bad times and take vital steps when needed.



sedentary lifestyle
Unhealthy Habits

Exercise has a key role in maintaining your mental health as well as keeping your body fit. So far we have discussed psychological habits but we can’t deny the importance of an active lifestyle.

Studies consistently show that people who take the time to exercise at least a few times a week (even just by walking around a pleasant green space) are happier than those who stay confined to their favorite comfy chair.

Exercise helps to release the hormone endorphin which helps in uplifting your mood.

Not Growing:

Aimless people are often unhappy. They have stuck in the thought that life is too big or too miserable that they don’t even focus on where they are heading.
It’s difficult for such people to focus on what life is presenting to them.


People with these habits do not bother to achieve something. They can’t just focus. Which can lead them to depression.
So it is recommended that you set achievable goals and embrace your life.
Find the mission of your life and take small steps. Eat vitamins to deal with depression.



Socializing with negative people:

“The unhappiest people care about what others think”

Most of the time we aren’t able to identify who our real friends are.
Most people criticize others and when you listen to them it will make you unhappy.
Whenever you try to change, do something better, or follow your dreams these negative people will pop up and make you feel sad.
The only way to deal with them is to avoid them.
Do whatever makes you happy.
What can you do?
Most of us are in unhealthy habits without even realizing it. A healthy society takes care of the mental health of its members because healthy people can work effectively for the betterment of society.

If you have been unhappy lately, and want to improve your mental well-being. Here are some habits listed which can help you boost your confidence and live life the way you want.
So if you are a sports person it’s quite easy for you to get rid of your unhealthy routine.
Simply go for a walk, hiking, yoga, or do any of your favorite sports.
Meditation, gardening, and dancing can also work.

Another thing that is important for you is to have a healthy and detox body. Try to eat healthily, avoid processed food, and be optimistic. It can change the way you perceive things and make it one step forward to a happy lifestyle.

Try to do meditation to avoid negative thoughts. Keep a journal. Be grateful.

Spend less time on social media and limit caffeine.

Smile more, walk, and carry good posture. It will reflect a change in your personality.

Spend more time with nature, you will connect with your inner self.

Try some volunteer work in your school or community. Make positive connections.


What works best for you?

If you have been dealing with trauma, get to the therapist.


Did you miss the factor “money” in the list?
It’s because, over a certain level, money doesn’t make people happy.

How to interact with unhappy people:

Since now you are aware of the traits of unhappy people if you ever interact with an unhappy person just be kind. Remember, you can’t make them happy or remove their problems. What you can do is to be kind to them.

Bottom line:

Learn to praise for whatever you have, live the life you want to, and shift your attitude from unhappy to happy by following the above habits.

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