10 Tips For New Parents To Get Enough Sleep With A Baby

How to get sleep
Sleeping With A Newborn

A mother’s trials and struggles never end. Do they?  The 9-month duration of pregnancy and then delivering the baby is a huge task itself. And if all that wasn’t already enough; there comes post-pregnancy depression, the lack of enough sleep, and a full-time duty of your baby.

But it all seems to be worth it when you see your beautiful baby and hold them in your lap and hear their cute giggles. However, the sacrifices and hardships of a mother are truly undeniable. A mother loses herself while caring for her family. They are always selflessly giving with no expectation of return.

Nonetheless, I have a question for all the mothers reading.

Is motherhood another name of martyrdom? Do you have to sacrifice the “all of you” to be a MOTHER?

Well, NO!

You have all the right to live a life on your own terms. I know, you have people that depend on you, but how can you take care of others, without taking care of yourself. Here are some wellness tips for mums.

Therefore, here is a guide on how to get enough sleep so that you don’t become a sleep-deprived zombie who can’t function actively throughout the day. You see,

no siesta is no fiesTa

How to get sleep
Sleeping With A Newborn

How To Get Enough Sleep

Being a mother of 3, I too am well-aware of how tiring a mother’s job can be. With sudden midnight duties of changing the diaper and multiple feeds and 1 a.m teething fuss. How you always wake up puffy-eyed and with darker dark circles due to over-exhaustion and sleep deprivation. I know, I can feel your pain.

That is the reason I met some pediatric sleep consultants and knocked their brains to get their wisdom on getting some rest with a newborn.

Here are some tried and tested tips and tricks that helped me and I guarantee will help you too.

So follow me till the end of this article. And know what you should, and what you should not do, to get a good resting routine and some long stretch of sleep.

What To Do (to get some sleep)

Getting proper sleep hygiene will surely maximize your rest and comfort. This will help you in taking care of your baby more efficiently.

1. Streamline Your Sleep Time

Ritualize your sleep time by making it special. Relax yourself before sleeping. For instance, take a hot bath or read a book for a while or have a hot cup of chocolate milk.

Special tip: Babies usually take a fast nap in the first portion of the night. So get your chores before that and sleep early.

Furthermore, the use of any electronic screen before bedtime is highly disregarded.

2. Create A Sleeping Environment

Along with ritualizing nap routine, put out indications that symbolize bedtime. Such as turning off the lights and getting the baby clean and comfortable in his bed.

Try to establish sleep-conducive surroundings for babies that help in long, comfortable, and sufficient slumber. Such swaddling, bouncers, and white noise machines might help.

3. Spacious And Clean Bed

Take a look at your bed. Is it clean? Or stacked with piles of unfolded laundry and long lists of bills?

A neat and tidy bed is always more comfortable to rest in and helps in getting long stretches of shuteye.

Nevertheless, one other important tip is for partners to sleep in separate beds. There is no hard and fast rule for couples to always sleep together. If it suits you and is comfortable for the both of you, then there is nothing wrong with sleeping separately. Rather than the compulsion of a three-share of bed, it’s better to insulate the sleeping spaces.

4. Spouses Share Responsibilities

Looking after the baby is not only the mother’s job. It’s a mutual and equal responsibility for both parents. Have your partner play his role of parenting as well.

Trust me, teamwork and a bit of co-operation and empathy are all you need.

If you’re a nursing mother, you can keep bottles of pumped breast milk and allow the dad to feed the baby during the night periods. While you can have a solid undisturbed stretch of sleep.

However, if you’re a single mother, follow advice 6.

5. Start Sleep Training The Baby

That is, whenever you’re ready. And whatever time and method suits you.

You can start when the baby is of four months. What’s important is that you choose the method you’re comfortable with and can be consistent for at least two weeks.

Because that’s the duration it takes to develop a habit and introduce a new routine.


No Enough Sleep
Sleep-deprived Mom

What Not To Do:

6. Shy From Asking Help

I know we mothers always shy away from asking for help. It hurts our pride and dignity.

But that should not be the case. We should be available for each other’s assistance. Have a friend or family to look after the baby in the day. So that you can cover your night lost sleep or just enjoy doing whatever you want to do.

Keep a trusted friend in need, who can supervise the baby and take care of feeding, swaddling, or nappy change. So that you may have enough sleep.

7. Caffeine Is Not A Sleep Substitute

Do not take cups over cups of coffee. A Venti latte is not liquid sleep. It can not actually cover the night-lost sleep. Also, the overuse of caffeine is harmful to your health.

Likewise, drinking excessive coffee during the day will make it harder for you to fall asleep at bedtime.

8. Under-estimate a cat nap

A catnap can surely not make up for an 8-hour length of sleep, but when needed it can help wonderfully!

So do not underestimate the power of a short nap. It is a small power brake where you can recharge.

9. Sleep medications

Do not take sleep medications without consulting your family physician first.

Some sleep drugs are also not good for nursing mothers and the baby. So beware.

Also, taking sleep medications habitually will minimize their effect on the body making it immune to our system.

10. Forget Diet And Exercise

Do not compromise on your health in any way. Follow a proper diet plan and exercise regularly. Exercising and yoga also release stress.

Likewise weight gain can lead to several more problems.


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