Easy winter wellness tips and tricks

winter wellness

Changes in temperature and shorter days can make it difficult for even energetic people to dress up and go workout. But a lot of good reasons are here to keep you active. In this blog post, you will get some motivation to stay active and go for exercise(especially in winter). All you need to do is stick by the end. I am gonna give you some tips lately too. And we are going to explore what is winter wellness and how can we spend our winters hassle-free

For instance, a workout is a  mood booster. Yeah, you have to get up and kick out of your comfort zone but it’s really better than at least dampening souls(spirits). It burns calories and fights winter weight gain. Workout can also help in boosting your immune system, according to the research.


1. Vitamin D                                                                                                                                                      In winters we have an outstanding source of vitamin D, don’t ever miss it. Get as much as sunlight you can.
2.Choose what you like

Keep up with your favorite exercise, it might be running, jogging, or walking, or yoga. Just try to adapt to the weather, dress in different layers, and adjust according to the temperature.

3. Try something different

You can focus on yoga or dancing or anything different on cold days just to keep your body moving. It will be fun and healthy too.

4. Keep hands and feet protected in winter

Make sure when you go out in cold weather, cover your hands, and try to keep them warm blood needs to flow through all the body parts.



  1. Intake fewer carbs:                                                                                                                             Cold weather will tend to eat more carbs and delicious food. After you finish one your serotonin level increases making you feel happy and you will crave another treat. Try to cope up with some protein foods. And try to have healthy snacks.
  2. Omega 3                                                                                                                                              Omega 3 is a natural fat and healthy enough to be included in your diets. It is found in fish and nuts. Omega is anti-inflammatory so it helps in stiffness and joint pains also. There are a lot more sources of omega 3 and its benefits are listed here.
  3. Try to intake fiber more:                                                                                                                      Apple and oats contain soluble fiber, which helps to boost your immune system It helps reducing weight, improving digestion, reduces body cholesterol levels, and also helpful in protecting against diabetes.
  4. Adding mushrooms                                                                                                                                 There are different types of mushrooms available in the market which can assist in immunity. It is antibiotic in nature and helps fight many ailments. Next time, when you go for the grocery, make sure to add some mushrooms to your basket. Add them to your meals this winter.

Tips for staying healthy:

Flu: It’s really common to catch flu in winter. So whenever you get it, just make sure to continue eating and drinking even if you not feeling so. You can grab some ready to cook frozen foods and soups

Washing hands: This might sound a bit old-fashioned but listen, it’s vital to stay healthy. It can save you from the flu and other infections. Frequently washing hands is important throughout the year since it protects your immune system.

Benefits of herbal tea: Herbal tea like lemon or peppermint tea can enhance your immunity, keeping nerves relaxed. They can reduce depression and help you sleep better.

Skincare tips for winter wellnesswinter wellness

Drink lots of water: Often our body doesn’t awake us for water several times a day when it’s winter. But it needs to stay hydrated. So dint forgets to drink water most often. It can help your skin stay healthy and hydrated as well.

Cleanse: While visiting your favorite cosmetic store make sure to add an alcohol-free cleanser to your cart. This is because a large variety of cleansers just take away all the natural moisture one’s skin has due to the stinky chemicals inside. It will rather affect your skin rather than nurturing it.

Exfoliation: Exfoliation should be an important step. It helps you get rid of dead skin and also assists in generating new ones. Always go for natural scrubbers or there some companies selling great quality exfoliator. Go for the one according to your skin type.

Protection: A lip balm and a handy bottle of your favorite moisturizer should always be in your bag. This is because winter is a bit harsh to your skin compared to summer. Don’t ignore the importance of sunscreen. Carry your gloves and a cap when on long trips.


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