The Ultimate Guide to keep your baby safe this winter!

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Babies are the cutest and most charming thing ever that happened in this world. But to keep them happy and safe is a very difficult job indeed (baby winter care ). Let’s make this difficult task easy by following some simple tips and tricks. Because all we want at the end of the day is a smiling baby. Follow me till the end of the article and I guarantee you I have covered everything you need to know to care for your baby’s health in the Winter season.

Winter season is just around the corner and I feel it’s the best season of the year. From getting to style warm clothes to drinking hot coffee and enjoying peanuts, WINTER is my favorite time of the year! Don’t you all agree? But when it comes to babies this season can be really harsh. Let’s discuss the baby winter care so that all the babies out there can be happy and protected.winter care baby

For BABIES Winter season is not as enjoyable as it is for us. You see, babies are ultra-sensitive and so tender, that we parents have to take care of them especially more in Winters. But don’t worry we got you covered.

In  this article you’ll learn all that you need to know to take care of your baby in the Winter season, you’ll find about the following in this article:

-Taking babies out in Winters

-Keeping babies warm Inside

-Bathing babies in Winters

-Baby Skincare in Winters



Taking babies out in this chilly, algid weather in winter seems to be such a dangerous task. But one can’t just sit inside homes just because it’s winter, we all need fresh air. According to a study fresh air is very healthy for babies.

Keep in mind, if the temperature is below freezing or hyperborean, it’s best to stay indoors unless there’s an emergency. You should protect the baby from the harsh cold weather outside because newborns and infants can’t self-regulate their body temperature regulation. Playing in the snow can wait for when they are a bit older as babies easily get frostbite.

However, in temperatures above freezing, feel free to take your babies out without the fear of them getting cold just by following these tips:

  • Covering:

You have to cover the baby just about enough. Don’t over layer them too much as this can cause overheating. Flushed, hot red cheeks and sweaty necks are signs of overheating, so do check for that. Similarly, cold cheeks, numb nose tip, and blue lips indicate a baby’s cold. Covering the head, feet, and hands is a must as this is the way from where heat exits the body.

  • Carrier:

It’s so much better and easier to wear the baby in a carrier against your chest so as to provide the cozy body heat snugness. But, be careful of slipping yourself.

  • Stroller:

In the winter season, be careful when taking out babies for a stroll. Walking with a baby in a stroller, one might cover the stroller with a blanket or plastic cover as protection, but this may compromise the airflow to the baby inside. It’s safer to tuck the baby under the blanket chest-length. Also, if you can: walk against the wind.


It’s also necessary to take extra precaution for babies when you’re at home igloo-like Eskimos inside the safety of your home’s four walls in winter. Because the indoor, artificial heat has to be managed really very carefully.

It’s preferable to keep the temperature as low as you can tolerate in the day as the indoor heat is less humid which can dry your baby’s skin.

However at night, when your cutie pie is sleeping, set the thermostat between 65°F- 68°F which is not only best for your baby’s skin but also reduces the risk of SIDS or crib death. Beware of overheating and covering the baby too much which may limit ventilation


Bathing the baby everyday in winters is certainly not suitable nor necessary. You should bathe the baby at alternative days or after 2days. And that too with extra special care. First heat the water in the tub, it should not be too hot. Dip your elbow to check if it’s okay. Limit bath time to ten minutes or less, don’t keep the baby uncovered for long. Dry the baby as soon as he’s out of the tub. Cover in warm clothes immediately.

  • Diaper changing in winters:

When it’s time to change diapers, using wipes is recommended rather than washing them. Wash only once a day and that too with pre-heated water. To avoid diaper rash oil that area whenever there’s a need for a nappy change.


Baby’s skin tends to get itchy, dry, and scaly in winters due to less humidity and cold weather. Therefore it’s essential to moisturize her skin daily several times. Apply lotion and ointments too. There are a lot of skincare products for babies out there that can relax the baby and make the skin healthy. You can check some here.

You should also massage her head, chest, and foot soles gently with hot oil. Rub softly with thumbs while massaging. Massaging regulates body temperature and provides heat too. It also helps the baby sleep better and longer. Mustard oil is a very good option for baby care in winters.

But before undressing the baby for massage make sure the room is heated enough. And if the baby protests to a massage, don’t hesitate to dress her back and leave the message for some other time.

That’s all for now folks.






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