The alarming situation of education during lockdown!


Lockdown and studies

The coronavirus pandemic and then the lockdown has certainly not been easy times indeed. Especially for young kids. Since the whole system of education was improvised. What with all the online learning, zoom classes, and podcasts, it has made children frustrated and about their studies. Studies show that these sudden changes have accentuated the youngsters. It was really hard for them to adopt different habits and methods to adapt to the “new normal”.

Parents role in education during a lockdown:

Parents in this regard are also very worried about their children’s education and this school year’s progress. But thankfully, now the schools are reopening and life seems to be taking steps back to normalcy. Like it was before coronavirus. Parents are also confused about sending their little loved ones back to schools with the danger of viruses still out there.

Yet, even with the schools reopening, there still are many aspects that seem to be bothering the students, which are wilting them from their studies. Of course, quarantine has caused them to lose interest in their education. The sudden abrupt changes have made the students less serious and regular considering their studies.

Parents are especially concerned about their children’s progress. And to make sure their child does not fall behind, have to work a bit harder for their betterment. And the education during lockdown has reached a severe situation.

Here, in this article, you’ll read a few tips to help your fledgling get back to studies in schools.

Find out what’s troubling them.

Communicate. Communication is the best solution to any problem. Ask your child what’s bothering them. Listen to them. Hear them out and find out their problems. Once you do that, you’ll be able to understand them better.

Try to solve their problems. Console them and explain to them the situation and its consequences.

Change is Constant; accept that.

One thing in this life that’s constant and most often repeated too, is “change”. Make sure your kids understand that and learn to go with the flow. Whether they study online, or attend in-person classes, or go to school on alternate days (according to the hybrid-methodology), what’s vital and important is; education.

Implore them to focus on their destination. In the end, what matters is how much they have learned. You earn when you learn.

The vacation is over.

Let that sink in their little minds. The vacation is over i.e if your child considered lockdown as a holiday. They shouldn’t have but even if they did, well now it’s over.  It’s time to get back into routine life and go to school. Now they’ll have to work hard and study and get good grades. Since the most important is their education. And education during lockdown is affected badly.lockdown

Make solid rules:

For the benefit of your child, you’ll have to be a bit strict. Set ground rules and regulations. Make a proper timetable to get your kids back into routine life. Limit screen time. Lockdown has surely made overuse of screen time a habit. Control that. Give rewards and punishments accordingly.

Work on a weakness:

Find out your child’s weakness. See where he’s lacking in his studies. Which subject needs more attention than others. Confer the teacher or the administration to arrange for extra classes or an associate teacher for that specific subject. You can also ask the teacher to cover topics that they had taught during the lockdown, again so as to allow the students to understand them better.

Be a role model.

Children are very sharp. They observe and learn as they see and copy. You can’t expect a child to be responsible and study actively when you are not doing the same. You’ll have to be active and vigilant yourself, to exemplify to them. Be their role model.

You’ll have to be the person you want them to be.

Don’t forget hygiene.

Studies are immensely important, without any doubt! But health is wealth. A priceless wealth indeed! Schools have reopened and classes have restarted. This means we’ll have to be especially careful to protect ourselves from the virus. You must not forget the SOPs. Wear a mask, keep social distancing, and wash hands regularly. Keep a sanitizer in your bags always. Remind your children of these habits until they’re instilled in their daily lifestyles.


I hope these tips will help you create a sense of awareness in your child to make them take their education seriously again.






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