Life-elonging Tips For Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes
Mountain Bikes

There’s a huge variety of Mountain Bikes out there to be sold. Each with its proper and attractive features and elements. This often confuses the buyers in choosing the bike that suits their demands.

However, the bigger question should be to look at the life durability of mountain bikes before purchasing. Since they are so costly, we all want them to last long. Don’t we now?

But, let me tell you an inside tip: it depends more on the biker than the bike itself. You see, without adequate care and proper maintenance, none of the mountain bikes can survive for long. So, take good care of them.

Nonetheless, if you treat your bike with love and care, it will surely support you loyally and wholeheartedly. Now, since when do bikes started having a heart? Well, it was just said metaphorically.;)

As a matter of fact, bikes are said to live for 20 years only if they are taken care of. Anyways, here you’ll find some tips to take care of your precious mountain bike so that it may last longer.

5 Tips To Increase Durability Of Mountain Bikes

The drivetrain is the most important part of the mountain bike. This part is responsible for the whole functionality of the bike.

So, pay attention to the drive-train and the bike will stay safe.

The drivetrain consists of; rear derailleur, front derailleur, chain wheel, cassette, and pedals. The chain can be the first to deteriorate if neglected. No.1 cause of the problem for bike-deterioration is; the chain breaking. Most mountaineers face this difficulty.

Humidity and water are the biggest enemies of the drive-train. As they can rust as soon as water touches them.

Most parts of the drivetrain are usually unfinished or bare metal. Making them highly susceptible to rusting and wearing down. The solution is to lube these components now and then.

But, mind you, the lubrication should not reach the brakes. As they work due to friction.

Mountain bikes
Mountain Bikes

Follow the given tips to avoid any bike-break-down problems.

  1.  Don’t leave the bike out in the open uncovered in rain or humid weather.
  2. Check the tire pressure of the bike before every ride.
  3. Lube the chains and the cassette without letting them touch the brakes.
  4. No dirt or moisture should be left on the bike.
  5. Take care of brake pads and check the air shocks.
  6. Confirm the pressure or tension on wires and bolts before every ride.
  7. Change the seals and oil every four months.
  8. Refill hydraulic breaks if it is dark-colored and looks spoiled.
  9. Change tires if required.
  10. Deeply clean all parts every 6 months.

7 Amazing Health Benefits Of Mountain Biking

Not only mountain biking is a hobby and a recreational activity, but also an amazing workout. And, it might surprise you to find out its immense health benefits too!

The Outdoor Industry Foundation states that: 40 million people in the US use mountain bikes every year.

Nevertheless, mountain bikers enjoy fitness and wellness as a plus point from this amazing cardiovascular exercise.

It also prevents the risk of some major health concerns of the heart and brain too. The main health benefits of mountain biking are listed below.

1. Helps Heart Health

We all know that exercising regularly improves our cardiovascular health.  Riding a bicycle or mountain bike, for 20 minutes a day, can augment heart fitness.

While mountain biking a large group of our muscles is in working. This causes an enlarged intake of oxygen. Which in turn helps heart health.

Riding Mountain bikes can improve your heart health by 3-7%.

2. Relaxed Joints

Unlike other aerobic activities, cycling is the one that requires the least amount of stress on the joints. As it is a sedentary activity.

Since the biker is seated, hence several joints of the body are in a relaxed position. Therefore Mountain biking or any kind of cycling is widely known as a non-load-bearing sport.

You see, only your legs are doing the real work. The rest of the body is comparably in a stress-free state.

3. Prevention Of Diseases

According to a study by the University of North Carolina:

People who do cycling for 30 minutes every day took lesser sick days off than people who remained sedentary.

As you all must be aware that regular physical exercise also strengthens the immune system. This decreases the risk of many diseases and you don’t get sick too often.

Another study reported a highly decreased risk of breast cancer among women who cycled to work.

Mountain bikes
Biking In The Mountains

4. Stabilizes The Mood

In other words, riding mountain bikes can help reduce depression and anxiety.

Due to Exercise, the body releases the happy hormones- endorphins. Which improves the mood and refreshes our minds.

Getting out in the open air and enjoying the weather, while working up your muscles also distracts you from the negative thoughts and daily problems. This results in the prevention of stress and depression.

5. Brain Booster

It is a physical activity that requires mental attention.

Prodding on a treadmill at home is an entirely different experience than riding a bike in the mountains.

You have to keep your balance and manage between terrains and elevations.

Riding mountain bikes ain’t easy. But the pleasure and benefits are undeniable.

In other words, your brain is also in workout mode. This results in improved focus and strong memory. Not to forget the strong balance adjustments.

6. Body Fitness

Exercising is always a great way to keep your body fit. Obesity is a cruel disease. A mountain biker’s body shows to be tough.

This regular exercise gives him/her strong muscles of thighs and calves. Also, as a bonus; a nice tight butt too!

Furthermore, this recreational activity is often a social one. This results in a boost of self-confidence and good communication skills

7. Solves Sleep Problems

I know, after intense exercise, we all are energy-drained and tired to death! Due to this, Sleep comes easy and deep.

But, did you know? Riding mountain bikes decreases cortisol. The hormone that energizes us.

Day rides of mountain bikes can also help in improving the body’s natural circadian cycle of sleep and wake. Not to forget the availability of sun light’s gift vitamin-D. And the beautiful nature and serene scenery that please the eyes and refreshes the mind.


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