What is emotional intelligence and how to improve it


Have you ever met people who are academically highly successful, but not so in real life?

You must have wondered why they can’t succeed in practical life, even if they were excellent at school or college.

Well, that’s because some people have outstanding IQ, but zero EQ. Now, what’s EQ?

Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence or Emotional quotient (EQ) is the ability of a person to understand and maneuver his emotions so that he can bring positive effects in his life.

Building a better emotional intelligence can help you succeed in work-life be it school or office or home. EQ enables you to have positive control over your emotions and connect with your feelings helping you to communicate effectively, face challenges, and turn ideas into actions.

Properties of Emotional Intelligence ;

There are mainly four properties that define a person’s emotional quotient.

  • Self-regulation

You are able to regulate your emotions and control impulsive reactions. You can easily adapt to changes and keep long commitments.

  • Self-awareness

You acknowledge your vitalities and comprehend your emotions. You are self-confident and socially comfortable.

  • Social-awareness

You understand and respect other people’s emotions and are prepared for their reactions. You have empathy.

  • Managing relationships

You develop strong relationships with others. Be it personal or at work. You have good team management and leadership skills.

How to improve emotional intelligence

This article will look at some simple ways you can build a strong emotional intelligence. EQ and IQ work in tandem to bring success and fulfillment to life. IQ alone is not enough.

Here are four ways you can build a stronger emotional intelligence to lead a happy and successful life. 


In order to construct a strong emotional quotient, you have to self-regulate your thoughts and emotions. Stress, if you can’t control will become your enemy. Try to recall, how many times did you lose the ability to rationalize your emotions when you were stressed?  Probably every time.

You see, uncontrolled stress and anger, both are overwhelming emotions that cloud other feelings. They take our proficiency to think clearly and make the right decisions. Therefore, you need to suppress your anger and impede your anxiety. Here you can read some tips to relieve stress.

Emotions are to be very delicately handled. One has to have good power of control on their emotions to resist impulsive reactions and remain calm in every situation.


To achieve the pinnacle of emotional intelligence, one has to rightly recognize his present emotional state. Unless you understand your sentiment, how will you handle it?

So, the basic step is to assess yourself and find which emotion is standing out. Clear the doubts inside you. Find out which emotion is overwhelming other emotions and clouding your judgment. This will help you have precise communication and resolve conflicts. You’ll be able to take new initiatives and work on your intentions.

Studies show the emotional environment you had as an infant reflects in your elder life. Therefore, it’s essential to value a child’s emotions to make him a successful and emotionally strong person in the future.

Nonetheless, if you want to be emotionally healthy, all you need to do is to befriend your emotions, accept them, and understand them. Then you can tame them.

Social awarenessEmotions

Not only do you need to understand your own perceptions, but also the emotions of others too. In this way, you’ll be able to develop empathy towards other people.

Nevertheless, you should accept your co-workers, school-mates, or your partner’s emotions and reactions. Understand their intentions and impulses. Take up the vibes they put out and the nonverbal cues they send your way. For this, you need to be socially comfortable and mindful. Pay attention to how people communicate, evaluate their facial expressions, and read their body language.

Relationship management

Do you want to lead a successful life filled with happiness?  Then you should be widely aware of dealing with other people.. Humans are social animals. Solitude is never prosperous. We all have to interact with hundreds of people daily. We must have a set of skills to develop a strong relationship with them, so that we may work together efficiently, for our mutual goals.

Be it home or office or school, relationship management is crucially important. One has to understand and acknowledged other people’s emotional needs. Many times people around us, use nonverbal messages to interact with us. We should be able to read faces and expressions. It is a give and takes scenario, value other people’s emotions and you’ll get the same.


The emotional quotient is very beneficial in leading a prosperous, successful, and happy life.

I hope these emotional management tips help you become successful and loved.



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