Social Determinants of health


determinants of health

A group of components that affects the health of species are collectively called determinants of health. The phenomenon of child development is affected by various factors that consist of gender, cultural, social, and family values. The overall health of the community or the society is directly proportional to the health facilities provided to them Main causes of health inequity rise from the community or the society the child is grown up, these factors are referred to as the social determinants of health.


Many organizations are working for the strong foundations of healthy communities. WHO and PMC are some of them. PMC is working on a multi-level health promotion model, primarily they are working to create a healthy living for people and promoting health. The secondary is the prevention of all the factors creating ailment by improving the housing conditions. WHO stats its basic purpose as “the attainment by all peoples the highest levels of health.

WHO publishes in one of its reports that how social injustice is affecting the lives of people? Who social determinants of health report, read it here

Communities that work on the stability of its citizens are healthier than those who don’t take into account the social determinants of health



Stress, food, social support, addiction, work, unemployment, and transport are all factors a human face from the day he was born till he grew up to make a living by himself. We will discuss all of the briefly and their impact on societies.



The circumstance (social and psychological) an individual faces can have a direct impact on his health. How can we expect uneasiness, continuous discomfort, low self-esteem can make an individual excited for life? They increase the chance of ill mental states and deaths.


Normally, in the state of crisis, the human body works accordingly to deal with the stress, like a stress hormone is released which increases blood pressure, sending it to muscles and alerts us for the upcoming situation. But these responses occurring too often and for a long time becomes a reason for the various disease include diabetes, depression, etc. The medical sciences tend to control such situations with medicines but it requires work on a higher level.


What if we improve the environment of our workplaces? Mental health is as important as oxygen, so in schools, colleges, and universities rather than trying to create a tense environment, a placid environment should be created for a better society.




The health is at risk of unwaged people more than those who are employed. In most countries, it is observed that employment rates determine happiness and their health status.

So, if people do have job security they live, more peacefully.

Social health is not only affected by material things but social barring is one of the major effects. Social barring not only causes anxiety but it can also be the factor contributing to premature death.

Immigrants from other countries, minorities, and refugees are mostly facing social exclusion. The social determinants of health itself depict that society is involved in the better health of the community Communities often ignore those who are disabled or mentally ill and their children are likely to suffer. The states which work on it usually have more economic growth.



Medications can extend the survival period after some serious ailment but the role of social support and the economic conditions affect a lot. Bad conditions will have bad results.

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