Benefits Of Birdwatching And Some Tips

Photo Captured By A Birdman

Bird watching is a hobby for many and an occupation for some. Those who pursue birdwatching as a vocation are called, ‘ornithologists.

A Flock Of Birds

While those who observe birds in their leisure are called birders or twitchers.

Many people look out for birds and attract them to their gardens to observe them. They enjoy examining bird’s movements, their nutritional and social habits as well. However, mostly birders just admire the beauty of the birds to please their eyes.

Fun Fact: TOM GULLICK is a renowned twitcher who has observed the most birds than any other bird watcher.

Since birds are early risers. As we all know “the early bird catches the worm”. So does an early twitcher catch the chance of seeing birds if he/she rises early? Most birdmen get up at dawn and go out to start their birdwatching, using a pair of binoculars.

Therefore, this article will look at five basic tips to enjoy birdwatching more peacefully.

Tips To Enjoy Birdwatching

It’s a hobby that is not so easy. You see, attracting birds in your garden is a task itself. One has to lure birdies in, by providing their desired habitat and favorite prizes!

Anyways, here are 7 ways you can attract hummingbirds in your garden.

Nonetheless, once birds start visiting your garden, observing them without distracting them is the most challenging step indeed.

That is how this blog post will help you. Because here you’ll find all the tips you need to know to relish your favorite hobby.

1. Avoid Sudden Noises

Birds are little creatures that are easily terrified by even a small noise too. As you surely know, birds’ hearing sensitivity is far higher than humans’.

Hence the basic technique of bird watching is to approach the bird silently and with as little sound as possible, to enjoy a close, long leisurely look.

Photo Captured By A Birdman

2. Follow The Call

Many times, songbirds join a flock of different species of birds to protect themselves. These crowds of wobblers are mostly, and largely silent. But almost always, there will be one or two birds that will give out a call note.
All you have to do is to be present to pay heed to this call and follow it. Once you reach the creature who’s calling, you’ll find you’ve hit a jackpot! A whole crowd of several species of wobblers will be present.
Therefore follow every seep sound and chip note that might lead you to a large crowd of birds.

3. Stay Patient And Keep Looking

If you’ve provided the suiting environments and include food sources in your garden. Then, it’s most probable that you’ve only seen 20% of the birds that keep visiting.
So be patient and present. If you’ve counted 10 chickadees in your yard there will probably be 10 more hiding in a brush pile.
Birds are tiny, fast, and active.

They don’t stick around one spot for long. Hence, to observe a bird closely, one has to have a strong forbearing personality. It’s important to keep looking and wait for the right time and right position. Don’t give up. The sparrow will soon surely hop in a spot easy to look at.

Special tip: birds are least active at noon, which is the best time to observe them.

4. Learn Pishing Call

This is a technique many twitchers use.
When you’re unable to get a good look at birds, you can call them. One way to pish is to kiss the back of your hand and letting sound out of your closed mouth.
Small birds listen to these sounds and come to investigate their sources. Hence coming into your open view to enjoy a close long look.
You can also pish by making a sound from your open lips and clenched teeth.

Anyways, these are some basic tips to start your birdwatching hobby.


Tell us in the comments below if these tips and techniques are helpful for you. Suggestions are also welcome.

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