5 reasons why babies stare so keenly…

staring babies

Babies are the most enchanting miracle on this planet. Their existence is magical. How tiny they are born and how fast they learn and grow! At just three months of age, you’ll notice a baby starting to stare at you or other things. Sometimes you’ll find yourself in “a staring competition” with them, which will make you wonder what’s going on in their tiny heads.

In this article, you’ll find out about all the reasons why a baby stares.

1. Babies are attracted to BEAUTY:

  • Yes “beauty”, you read that right! At such an early age baby, like most people, are attracted to beauty. However, they are completely unaware of society’s beauty standards yet according to an experiment conducted long ago: “Babies tend to stare longer at faces with distinct features.” So next time a baby stares at you, feel proud to be beautiful. (No offense, we @muneebuzz strongly believe that beauty is of the heart.)

2.COLORS fascinate babies:

  • Babies’ vision development also concludes with an introduction to colors. Babies stare at colorful objects and are dazzled by different contrasts and bright colors. Colorful toys and blocks help to distract a crying baby.

3.MOVEMENTS captivate babies attention:

  • Usually at 3-4 months of age babies start noticing movements. Dangling rattles and pendulous crib hangings for instance, visually stimulate a baby. Similarly, they stare at ceiling fans too. Sensory movements help babies’ brains develop more. Moving objects mesmerize them and sometimes have to turn away from them to refocus their attention.

4.Babies stare at OUTSTANDING OBJECTS :

  • Babies tend to stare at outstanding objects, like a mole on someone’s face or eye spectacles. Things like earrings and clips also attract them. They fixate their eyesight on something so common and seem to get lost in them, which as a result blurs everything out.staring babies

5.They are NEW to this world:

  • Babies have just arrived in a new place and everything common to us is entirely new for them which makes them curious. As a result, they examine everything as it’s peculiar. Their curiosity is the key element of their learning and growth.

The first year of a baby’s life is crucial for brain development and personality establishment. This phase of their life is “the observing and learning period”.

Your role as PARENTS:

If your baby has started staring, it’s a time of gratitude for you, and worry too. You should be happy because staring is a sign of brain development which indicates the baby’s good progress.

However, you should also be careful from now on because when a baby is staring, he not only sees, he copies as well. He observes and learns. And You, the parents are unintentionally their teacher. Therefore,

be the person you want them to be.





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