8 easy and effective wellness tips for mums

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It’s not easy to maintain wellness for mums these days. You see, Motherhood is not an easy job. And mind you, the kid’s ages never matter, do they!? You might be prognosticating a stress-free future when your children will be mature and accountable for themselves. But oh boy! Let me tell you, the duties and worries of a mother never go away, they just change forms.

Mothers are the most skillful multitaskers that I have ever seen. But, between work and home and kids, they often forget about themselves. They are always selflessly giving and seldom ask for any return. Almost 43% of mothers sacrifice their careers to care for their families.

However, if we mums stop caring for ourselves, physically as well as emotionally, how are we going to be able to care and provide for others? Ignoring your self-care for long, will do more harm than good. It might lead to depression, anxiety, exhaustion, and illness too.

Are you also a busy mum with no time and energy left for herself? Well, it’s high time you start looking after your health and happiness. BecauseĀ a healthy mom is a happy mom and a better one too!

Here are 8 easy tips for wellness for mums to look after their health and happiness.

How to ensure Wellness for mums

1. Make yourself a priority

This is the first step to ensure wellness for mums. Unless you’re prerogative for yourself, you won’t succeed in caring for yourself. Yes, I am asking you to be a little selfish. You are not only a mother, rather a whole personality yourself. Acknowledge and recognize yourself.

Motherhood is not martyrdom. Yes, us mums often have to sacrifice our old habits and favorite hobbies. But if you value your mental health, you’ll make time for your passions.

2. Have a hobby

What’s your favorite thing to do? I know you rarely have leisure time to enjoy your hobby, but you have to take out a timeframe to relish and enjoy. Be it reading or gardening or just dancing. Whatever it is, it is refreshing for your mind and soul and helps avoid maternal-stress. Therefore, don’t abandon your hobbies.

Be vigilant to take risks. Even if they are as small as trying a new recipe. Go to the salon for a massage or take a new haircut. Nevertheless, pursue your career if you want to. Paint or sketch. It can be anything that makes you happy.

3. Write a journal

Take time out to write. Write about your day. You can jot down the happy moments and take out the day’s frustrations on the paper too. Writing out your anger lightens the weight of your heart. I know you have no idea where to start, but trust me, as soon as you’ll hold a pen you’ll find that out too.

Also, inscribe milestones of your children’s accomplishments and make happy memories. Make a reverse-bucket list. A list of your previous feats and achievements. This will encourage you to do adventures in the future as well.

Photo by Gift Habeshaw on Unsplash

4. Maintain your fitness

Being a mom of 3 does not mean you ignore your physical health. It’s not easy to exercise, I understand, but don’t give up! Start by 10min a day and you’ll get better. Maintaining your weight is very important as obesity is the mother of all diseases.

Follow a proper diet plan and try to work out too. Walk as it is an exercise that is very easy. When you take your kids to the park you should walk while your children play. Being physically fit will have a good effect on your emotional health as well.

5. Mindful presence

I read somewhere, “it’s the small things that create happiness, you just have to find them.” You’ll have to be mindfully present to enjoy your children’s small laughs and silly little fights. Be happy and rejoice every moment as you work. Cooking too can be enjoyed if you try to. Hence, don’t overstress and overload yourself that you stop appreciating the tiny happy junctures in your life.

6. Change interiors

Renovate a few of your surroundings to feel refreshed and attract positive energy. Play with the colors of the paints on the walls. Rearrange the furniture of the living room. Update the windows and upgrade your kitchen. This will re-energize and refresh your mind and soul.

7. Meditate to find peace

Meditation is not only sitting with legs crossed and breathe. It can be anything that brings peace to you. Recognize the activities that are consensus and satisfying to you. Such as reading or yoga. Since, some yoga positions are also stress-relieving. Once you discover your passions, you’ll find peace and contentment.

8. Practice Gratitude

Take a pen and write down a list of things to be grateful for. You’ll find your blessings to be more than your adversities. Laugh out loud openly and remember the good times. Gratitude leads the way to happiness. You’ll find yourself a lot more content and happy once you start acknowledging small things to be happy for.



I know it is Mother-blaming, which is a hideous trend that stops us mums to think too much of ourselves. But, to give others love, we need love too, don’t we? Therefore,

Love yourself


Live for yourself.






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