7 ways to stick to your new year resolutions

New Year
New Year

New year resolution is one of the common practices among the masses. Some of us resolve to acquire new habits, while others set goals to achieve our dreams. Nonetheless, we all aspire to be a better version of ourselves at every new year. Let’s discuss what you need to stick with the entire year!

A new year feels like a fresh start; a new beginning; another chance!  It’s a blank book that YOU will write. Yes, you hold the pen and you have the power. This positive force motivates people to make resolutions for improvement and growth, every new year.

But did you know; 22% of the people who made resolutions in the new year failed to keep them after only a week!? Are you also included in that percentage? Do you also forget your resolutions and retreat within a month? Well, follow me till the end of this article to find:

How to stick to your new year resolutions

Nevertheless, here in this article, you’ll find the motivation you’re lacking to keep your resolutions furthermore. Here are 7 tips to rekindle your spark of determination to maintain your persistence.

1.Resolve real

You’ll surely fall short to keep your resolution if you set goals higher than your capabilities. You see, change ain’t easy to cultivate. Therefore, establish a motive within your reach. Be realistic and start by making small changes to achieve a higher standard of living.

2.Declare your resolution

Announce your resolution in front of your family and friends on new year’s eve. This will enable a support system and motivational force for you. These are the people that will always stop you from getting sidetracked. And once you endorse your resolution, your egotistical self won’t let you deter from your path.

3. Make a proper plan

When you find the strength and determination to resolve, you not only nail your aims, but you also need strong stamina and a proper mindset to maintain it. For that, you need to plan.

Plan before deciding your goals. Analyze the consequences and the enticements. Make strategies to overcome your temptations and counter your self-containment. As J.Allen Shaw says and I quote:

Don’t make resolutions without a plan

The secret to success is right in your hands

4.Benefits and Detriment

Keep a written list of the advantages of sticking to your resolution and the disadvantages of not doing so. What good your resolution will bring to you and what you will lose if you shirk it?

Whenever you are tempted to neglect your goal, remind yourself of those drawbacks. This will surely keep you motivated.

New Year
New Year

5. Prize and Penalty

This is a very important step to help you keep your resolutions. Reward yourself once you accomplish even a small part of your goal. But, remember the prize should not contradict your resolution.

However, once you fall short of your aim, set a rule of punishing yourself. Not physical punishment, of course, but small penalties that support your resolution.

For e.g, if you’ve resolved to lose weight, and you succeed a bit, then you may treat yourself to a movie night. And if you cheat on your diet, then retribute yourself with extra exercise.


Did you know; it takes 21days approximately to make a new activity a persistent habit.? It transfixes in your subconscious mind and becomes a part of your personality within 6months. Therefore, don’t give up and be consistent. It may seem hard at first, but if performed regularly, your resolution will engrave in your temperament permanently.

7.Resolving requires no event

To resolve on the new year is a trend these days! However, it’s the resolution that’s important, not the new year. Yes, the new year awakens a sense of determination. But that does not mean that you can resolve only on the 1st of January only! Be it a new year or mid-year, it doesn’t matter. All you need is a strong will to keep a resolution. As

Where there is a will

There’s always a way,

Therefore, even if you fall short of your aims in January or any time of the year, you don’t have to wait for the new year to resolve again. Remember: Every new day is a second chance. So make the most of it.



I hope these tips prevent you from breaking your resolution and elucidate a strong sense of determination.

Tell us in the comments about your new year’s resolution and how far have you kept it. Enlighten us about the tips that helped you. We’d be delighted to learn more.

Happy New Year!





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