6 Signs of Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse is very common in relationships. You might not even know if it is abusive or not! If you’re in a relationship, that is not making you happy, it’s time to move on!
Are you in a toxic relationship? Do you wonder if it’s time to move on?
It is difficult to move on, but trust me, it’s worth it! In this blog post, you are going to discover what are the signs of emotional abuse? How to know what they are, how to look for them, and determine if they are present in your relationship?
Before I dive into the real subject, it is so important to know that emotional abuse in so many cultures is still very taboo. We don’t like to talk about it. And so many of us are not aware of it.
That is the reason I’m here to write about it. If you feel that emotional abuse is there in your relationship. you are safe here. Let us know in the comments what are you experiencing.
So, let us get started;

Not Valued:

The very first sign of emotional abuse is maybe if you are in a relationship with someone who frequently humiliates you or degrades you. Or teases you even when you have asked them to stop. If they say you are too sensitive or you are being hysterical or they undervalue what you are experiencing in your relationship.
It is definitely a sign of emotional abuse. You deserve to feel heard, you deserve to feel seen, you deserve to feel like your partners equal. And if you are currently in a relationship where feeling heard is a risk or a threat to your well-being, then you might be in an emotionally abusive relationship. Or you are witnessing a symptom of emotional abuse in your relationship.

Gaslighting (Abusive):

The second sign of emotional abuse in a relationship is a bit like the first one and that is gaslighting. Gaslighting in essence is when your partner makes you feel crazy or forces you to question your sanity when you express dissatisfaction or stress or frustration in your relationship.
So if you tell your partner “Hey, you are making me feel some type of way and I want to share that with you“, and you experience a response like “well, you are a pshyco or you are crazy or what are you thinking, you are insane
These are signs or symptoms of emotionally abusive tendencies. So gaslighting is something that ever more popular now, Because we have also normalized words like a psychopath, insane, psycho, these are the things that have become quite popular.
Oh, she’s a psycho. We throw these terms around carelessly without considering how they can impact the listener. So if someone is using that verbiage to you by no means does it suggest that you are insane. Anyone who makes you question your sanity is gaslighting. So I encourage you to research to make sure that you know if it is present in your relationship.

Domination (Emotional Abuse) :

Emotional Abuse
Emotional Abuse
A third sign that there might be emotional abuse is if you are with a partner who wants to control or completely dominate you. Control showcases itself in a variety of ways. Control might be about little things such as seeing your friends.
Maybe they don’t want you to spend time with your friends unless they are also present. Or maybe they don’t want you to spend time with friends at all. Another way control plays a role is if they dictate everything a couple does. They plan trips, they pick restaurants, they do everything.
So, if your partner is unwilling to let you have any type of control or any type of assertive action over your life then that might be a sign of emotional abuse. If your partner is not letting you see your friends or wants to know your phone password, wants to go through your computer, wants your Facebook password, and wants to geotag your location, these also sign of control.

Silent Treatment(Emotional Abuse):

Another sign that is quite normalized in our relationships and that is the silent treatment. So many of us get silent treatment from our partners. And don’t realize that it’s a form of emotional abuse. That’s a form of withholding affection from your partner and that can make us feel very terrible, very insecure, emotionally unstable. It can send us into a spiral of fear, panic, frustration, confusion because that’s a form of emotional abuse.
If you do something that frustrates your spouse or your partner and as a result, they shut you out and ignore you or do the silent treatment, you are experiencing a manifestation of emotional abuse. And it is really important that we can talk about this candidly and I’m so thankful that you are here and that you are looking out for this. Because you deserve to have these signs at your fingertips. You deserve to know more about it than whether it’s normal or abusive behavior to see in your relationship.


Crossing Your Boundaries:

Another sign that there is emotional abuse in a relationship is that there is absolutely no respect for your boundaries.
Boundaries are so important in any relationship. They are bumpers. They are kind of a line in a coloring book that perimeters that line that’s a big boundary. And when we set a boundary, our partners know what to color within. They know what to color and what to leave alone.
And if you are setting a boundary, and your partner is absolutely unwilling to honor and respect your boundary. Then that might be a sign of emotional abuse. It might be a sign of them trying to gain control or dominate you or to insist that their way is the right way and what you feel doesn’t matter in their relationship. So I definitely think that’s another sign we are thinking about.

Ignoring your Feelings:

When your partner showcases zero regards for your feelings. If your partner doesn’t care and you share what you are feeling and what’s bothering you and they come up with an attitude that “Go away, I don’t care.” 
This is also a sign that you are suffering from emotional abuse in your relationship. Anything that inflates your partner’s powers and deflates your power, is something to keep an eye on.
A sign of a good relationship is when they bring you happiness when our partners make us feel great, worthy, and capable.
And that we can achieve any goal in sight because our partners are helping and supportive and because they are our cheerleaders. That’s good stuff and a healthy relationship. 
So if your partner is doubting your ability to grow or making you feel that you are not capable enough, then this is something to think about. And you don’t deserve to feel this way.
You deserve to have an amazing relationship. And anyone who makes you feel like you don’t, question this. But don’t question yourself, question them FIRST. And then you question yourself if you feel like you are contributing to the abuse or you are contributing to some challenges in your relationship.
We also deserve to take accountability when it is our accountability to take. But if the signs you are observing in your partners, then this isn’t about you, this is about them. 
Before I conclude this I will say observe if your partner is taking steps to fix them. If they are making positive radical changes then change is possible but if the approach is when you reach them and say “Hey, I think the way you are speaking to me is not making me feel good and they come up with, Well, you are a psycho. That sounds like they are not going to change. Or they don’t feel a need to change. So the only solution, in that case, is walking away. And making them realize that behaving this way is to going to yield a great partner. It’s not going to allow for them to keep and nourish and love someone like you. 
 So if you make up till now and you need think that you are facing some signs like these ill suggest you to be confident and move on. And if you are the one who feels like oh, I don’t have any of these signs in my relationship. Great! I wish you a lovely, sold, and stable love. You can invest in and rely on forever because that’s what you deserve.

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