7 Interesting Activities That Reduce Stress And Depression

Stress and depression
Stressful Life

Stress and Depression are something we all suffer from. Some of us experience such phases occasionally, while others; much more often.

There are several distressing incidents throughout the day; the “daily dilemmas”, as I like to call them.  We all experience continual challenges in our chaotic routines which normally cause us stress and tension.

According to a study; more than 85% of people suffer from stress and depression. Which is also the major cause of suicide among teenagers and youngsters.

Nonetheless, there can be a number of reasons that induce stress and distress. The most common of them being; insufficient money, too much work, or poor health.

Stress and depression
Stressful Life

However, some more problems that inflict stress and depression are; the pressure of getting everything done, or the grief of some unfortunate event, and the unending pursuit of perfection

Basically, “the worries of the future and the regrets of the past” don’t let us cherish the present, which is a gift!

Furthermore, a recent study found the biggest problem of stress to be; “the effort to please others, and not YOURSELF.” Well, trust me when I say: you can never succeed in keeping everyone happy. Because, when you forget and neglect yourself in the constant endeavor of satisfying and gratifying everyone, you always lose yourself.

You can never fulfill the expectations of others. So, you better stop trying and start focusing on yourself! Prioritize yourself and do what makes you happy.

Now, recall and answer me; when was the last time you did something that made you HAPPY? An old hobby maybe, or a forgotten “me-time”.



You see, that’s it! The basic cause of your stress and depression.


How To Reduce Stress And Depression

Therefore, the basic step to avoid stress and depression; is to keep yourself happy.


An idle mind is the devil’s home.

So, keep yourself busy in activities that please you. Entertain yourself. This will help you distract from the world and its never-ending distress.

Be it for an hour a day only, but take out time for yourself.

Here are 7 interesting activities that help reduce stress and depression.

7 Interesting Activities To Avoid Stress

Nevertheless, doing at least one of these activities daily, will surely keep the stress at bay. Indulge in a hobby of your choice and enjoy. I know it’s easier said than done. And to climb out of the depths of depression is not so easy. But ‘one step’ is all it takes. If you only take a step, you are already on your way to success.

1. Exercise

The biggest favor you can do for yourself is “exercising”. Yoga and meditation are the best ways to relieve stress and depression.

Also, this shows how much concern and love you have for yourself. If you truly care about your health, you will make time to work out.

Furthermore, physical activity keeps the body busy and refreshes the mind. So play a little music and move your body! You’ll be amazed to see how fast your stress runs away.

Anyways, you all are well-aware of other health benefits of exercises.

2. Reading

Reading is a hobby that completely captivates the reader. You can dive into a book and escape the world. Books can be one’s best friends. They are always available to distract and divert you from your tensions. A bibliophile is never lonely. So, read for at least one hour a day, because here stress and depression can’t reach you.

Meanwhile, here are some basic benefits of book-reading.

Reading reduces Stress and depression
Book Reading


3. Writing

Write out all your worries, your complaints, and your desires. Shed the burden off your shoulder and light the weight of your heart. Take out all your frustration and anger on parchment. Your ink is your blood and paper; your grief.

And when you’re done, and you feel lighter, then pen down your “blessings” and “happy moments”.

Hopefully, this will transform your depression into gratefulness.

Write your complaints

4. Drawing/Sketching/painting

I wonder why most stress-relieving activities involve “paper and pen”. Reading, then writing, and now painting!

Well, I guess, in times of distress, the paper is your best friend. You see, anything that distracts you and makes you forget worldly worries helps in fighting stress and depression.

Also, colors are something that is bright and cheery. While depression; dark and gloomy. Hence, they confront the other.

Likewise, Colors are hopeful. And depression; hopeless. So play with colors and paint radiant, colorful, and hopeful art to dispel the stress.

Relieving stress

5. Take A Holiday

If it’s “tiresome work” or “a monotonous routine”, that’s causing you stress and depression,

Then escape!

You really need a break. Go out and enjoy a holiday. And if you want to find yourself, you must travel alone. But, if you want to enjoy, travel with good company.

Nonetheless, be it solo, or with your partner or friends, whatever YOU want, but go on a vacation and forget all the stress.

6. Give Charity

No activity gives more happiness than making others happy.

So spread happiness and it will come back.

As you sow, so shall you reap. The satisfaction and contentment that comes when you cause others to smile, is priceless!

Moreover, indulge yourself in charity work. Either individually or, if you like, join a charity group. Search for people in need and fulfill their desires. Help the needy and be giving.

Because, if you give, you too will get!

7. Enjoy Daily Activities

Nonetheless with the right state of mind; you can enjoy at home too! With traveling still restricted, you can celebrate life at home as well.

In conclusion, Office works, household chores, and school assignments all can be managed and “enjoyed” at the same time.

Be mindfully present and emotionally strong to battle the stress monster. Be it cooking in the kitchen, or a presentation at the office, dance your way through life.

Smile. Laugh. Be happy. Be cheerful.

Don’t stress. Don’t fret. And don’t drink too much coffee. (As increased intake of caffiene induces stress)


Be Confident


So, don’t worry too much. The delayed deal WILL get confirmed, the broken hosepipe WILL get fixed and the sibling wars WILL subside.

You have got this. You will sort it out. Be strong and be confident. You can do this!




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