7 Benefits of Reading Books

benefits of book reding

I’ve been a bibliophile for as long as I can remember. And why not! After all, books are the most loyal friends one can ever have. Nonetheless, I used to read books only as a source of “pleasure in my leisure”. But, it wasn’t long before I started noticing the benefits of book reading reflecting in my life and my personality. My hobby made me a better person who stands out distinctively.

However, over the years my love for books has only evolved. I still make time, from my busy routine for reading. Be it a romantic fantasy storybook, or a thrilling fiction novel, or simply a newspaper, flipping through its pages is simply magical.

As all the bibliomaniacs out there would also agree: there is nothing more stress-relieving than reading books. You see, books are the safe hideaways where one can rescind from this world and its difficulties for some time.

FACT: Book reading has been proven to improve one’s brain activity.

Besides taking you on faraway adventures and traveling to different realms, you’ll be amazed to find out the surprising health benefits of book reading, that cultivate your mind, as well as your soul.

Benefits of book reading:

Follow till the end of this article to find out the importance of reading and its favorable outcomes.

1. Brain activity and functioning

IdlEness to the brain

is like

Rust to iron.

You’ve probably heard this a lot of times.

Like our body, our brain also needs to work out to remain active and vigilant. Reading is one of the brain’s exercises, others being puzzles and chess. Book reading facilitates cognitive stimulation, which according to studies, has shown to decrease the risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

2. Stress-relieving and calming

Among many benefits of reading books, stress-reduction is the most common one. For many people, books are an escape from their life issues. They allow themselves to be taken into a different paradigm and an enchanting fantasy. Fiction can be so beautifully captivating that it can easily distract one from the ugly reality.

Benefits of reading books
Benefits of reading books

Book reading repels stress and anxiety. A well-written book is one that completely engulfs its readers and grips their attention.

3. Gift of Knowledge

One thing I can guarantee is that

What you know

Will save you

Life is unpredictable. You never know the challenges you may face and the obstacles you may resist. Nonetheless, knowledge never goes in vain. The stories you read as a child may help you encounter the difficulties of the present.

While reading books, you’re not only enjoying a suspense mystery, but your subconscious mind is also learning a lot of strategies and techniques. Therefore, if you ever find yourself in dire circumstances, knowledge will be your power and your ultimate weapon.

4. Strong Memory and chronic development

Book reading incites your brain and improves your memory. You see, you are unintentionally recollecting every character’s personalities, pasts, and nuances, and also the different turn of events in every story. Hence, creating memories as you keep reading.

And every time a memory is created, a new brain pathway (synapses) is formed. Which improves short-term memory and also steadies our mood. Cool! Isn’t it?

5. Improved focus and attention

Raise your hand if you also show ADD-like behavior throughout the day. We all have busy hectic routines that drive us crazy and make it difficult to manage things

Book reading has been proven to augment one’s organizing abilities and improve their mindfulness and attention.

Nevertheless, read for 10-20 minutes a day and you’ll see the changes yourself.

6. Writing skills and vast vocabulary

Ask any renowned writer the secret of writing.

Probably most will answer:


Yes, to write compendious, engaging, and articulated articles/stories/novels the first step is to read. And to read a lot!

Furthermore, Reading expands your vocabulary which enables you to be more eloquent. It also boosts your self-confidence and heightens your speech skills.

An experiment was conducted comparing the students who read books with those who didn’t and book readers scored more.

7. Piece and tranquility

Books give me peace

In the chaotic world

In the mess that people make

Books are my only escape

The peace and tranquility that one finds in reading books are indescribable. The sweet smell of fresh pages is like a treasure for bookworms. For some, it’s just a hobby, but for some, it’s love, companionship, and PEACE. It’s life-saving for some as well.

Books offer solace and satisfaction, friendship and connection. They give knowledge and information. As reading is free and eternal entertainment.

A book and a coffee

A book and a cup of coffee are all the remedies one can desire.


Though this is a digital era and a world of technology.

But book reading is not a forgotten hobby.

Yet, there may be dust and emptiness in libraries,

the importance and benefits of reading books are immense.

We should not let our children drown in the social media shive,

and let the love of books die. Let’s keep the hobby of book-reading alive.










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