6 Tips for lunch to be eaten at school

lunch in school
My day usually starts very early. Like most of the mums out there, I try to wake up two hours even before school time. As it takes time to complete all my morning chores and rituals. Cooking breakfast, preparing lunch, getting the kids ready for school are some of the jobs I need to get done every morning.
At the end of my wits to get all these done without any hassle or chaos. Which is inexorable with kids, as most mums would agree with me, I’m sure.
Nonetheless, when my kids return home from school with dirty, yet smiling and happy faces and empty lunch boxes, accomplished and realize that all the hassle was worth it.tips for lunch
But, it is agitating when I find their lunch boxes full of half-eaten and stomachs empty!
This frustrates me and makes me wonder if all my efforts went in vain.
How many of you mums out there can relate to this situation?
Well, worry not! I found some tips which encouraged my kids to finish their lunch boxes. And I’m sure these tips will help you too.
So follow me till the end of this article to learn how to prepare healthy, nutritious, and appealing meals for your little loved one’s school lunch boxes.

Make food fun:lunch

The key is to make food as interesting as you can. I know it’s not easy to carve out a swan out of an apple in the hectic morning routines we mothers have. But some mindful effort and creativity can make your fledglings lunch boxes look fascinating and delightful. You can use cookie cutters to shape your sandwiches or pierce some colorful veggies in a skewer to make meals more presentable.
Presentation matters, trust me! If the lunch box looks interesting, it will appeal to the kids more. Add a little love note as something special.

Make it colorful:


Make the lunch box colorful. Colors always attract children. Colorful meals are more fun and presentable which makes them more enjoyable.  When you’re buying lunch boxes, I’d recommend buying the one with two or three portions. Portions help you arrange and set different food items such as snacks, salads, and drinks in a presentable manner.
You can discover about cooking mindfully here.

Hide healthy food:

If your child has no food intolerance, you can sneak healthy foods that he\she dislike in some other food. This requires creativity in cooking techniques. In this way, you can trick your picky-eater kid into eating a healthy diet. Try to add the five major groups of food in the right proportion to give them proper nutrients.

Let the child choose:

Involve your kids in choosing lunch ideas and lunch packing to make it an interesting activity.
This also gives the child a sense of freedom of choice. What you can do is, make a list of lunch meal ideas together and let them choose from it. Make the meals of their choice on some days to make them feel involved.
Encourage your kids to help you make and pack lunches. This may increase their interest in eating lunch as well.
Make sure that when you prepare lunch for your kid it shouldn’t be a cause of any allergies

Prepare early:

To avoid making my mornings hassle-free, I usually make my kid’s lunch half done at night. So, in the morning I have to fry or heat the meal and pack it up in the lunch boxes. You can do this too, it helps save time which can be utilized to work on the presentation of lunch box meals.

Different every day:lunch

Kids get bored. If you give them sandwiches every day it won’t be as appealing to them. As a result, they’ll lose interest in lunch and won’t eat it.
Yet, if you even change the appearance or shape of the sandwich, they’ll like it.
Even so, it’s better to give varied meals daily. One interesting activity can be to make designated days for different meals. Like “macaroni Mondays” or “nugget Tuesdays”. This way a child waits in anticipation of the desired meal of the day.
It’s also fine to let your little loved one hear from school in a while. Create a balance between your authority and the child’s choice.
Set an example yourself
Children learn from their parents.
You can’t expect a child to wear down his lunch when you, yourself don’t eat yours. If you don’t eat healthily, how will your kid do so?
Thus, encourage them to eat their detested nutrient by eating it yourself too.
I hope these tips will help you
As they helped me too.
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