6 things you should do in your twenties if you want to be successful

successful in your 20s

Ever wonder what are the traits of being successful? Well, if you are a teenager and don’t really know how to start. Look no further. Here we are going to tell you what is mean by successful! And it all begins here.

With the year 2020 ending, a lot of early 21st century borns will be turning 20. Entering this new era of “twenties” with a lot of confusion and turmoil.

Are you too turning 20, or will soon enter this age? Are you also afraid to embark on this new journey and face the challenges it withholds? Well, get ready then!

We all know that the “Twenties” is a hard period of life. The decisions you make in this epoch, have firm consequences on your whole life ahead. Therefore, one has to be really careful throughout this span of life. Because the actions taken now will surely show aftershocks in the future.

Well, worry not. Here is a complete guide on how to spend your twenties in such a way to avoid any regret in the future.

How to spend your twenties

In this article, you’ll find a list of 6 tasks you should absolutely do in your twenties, to lead a happy life.

1.Love yourself

That’s a first! Loving yourself is very valuable. If you love yourself, only then will others love you. Realize your value and know your strengths. You see, self-confidence is the key to success.

2.Forgive and forget

Before you put your first step in this new paradigm of life journey, resolve to forgive others AND yourself too. Free yourself from the burden of grudges and resentments. Choose to forgive and learn to forget any wrongdoings of your fellows. Let go of retrospective thoughts that provoke regrets and sorrow.

3.Learn some skill

In this digital era, where technology prevails, I recommend you to learn some skills. Skills are very important to keep you going in life. In the era of twenties, your mind is quick and it’s easy to learn any talent. You see, at this age, one usually has not so many responsibilities and is comparably free than they are in later years. So, avail this time to acquire some dexterities that will help you for a lifetime. I can say undoubtedly that, “skillful men never sleep with empty stomachs.”

4.Choose a career

It is in your twenties that you have to choose a career. Selecting the career that suits you best is a hard decision indeed. Find your passion and explore your potential. Pick a vocation that appeals to you and stick to it. According to statistics, 13% of employees are not satisfied with their work. Therefore, you should choose a job that makes YOU happy.successful in your 20s


Enjoy your youth as much as you can. One way to do that is to travel. Travel alone, or with your friends, or your partner. Just explore the world. Wander around and roam free. There would be no better way to gain life experiences and learn about different people. Your whole life is ahead of you to work. Snatch this time for yourself. Traveling boosts your personal growth and self-love.

6.Take your decisions

It’s Now or Never!

Take the courage to make decisions. Don’t hesitate from saying No. Be confident and optimistic. Don’t shy away to ask your crush out. Leap of faith to get your dream job. Face your fears and don’t refrain from taking risks. Be daring and adventurous.


These are some of the tips that I gathered from some experienced people who shared the vain wishes of their twenties. They repent for wasting the time of their youth.

I hope you learn from their mistakes and have a blessed and happy life.








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