6 Simple habits to help you avoid Laziness

overcome laziness

Honestly, we all succumb to laziness every once in a while. Don’t we? Be it because of lack of interest and motivation, or maybe simply due to “indolence”. Either way, it’s a common problem faced by many of us. And like every habit, good or bad, immoderation of laziness also has its hindrances.

However, did you know that science supports laziness? According to research


Yet, the basic definition of LAZINESS is the temptation of staying idle most of the time. Nonetheless, delaying tasks, or not getting things done on time, or lagging behind at school or the office are some major symptoms of laziness.

Do you too find yourself “resting” more than you should? Are you also looking for ways to get more productive and energetic? Well, this article is for you then.

You see, resting is recharging our bodies. And, charging our batteries is not only essential, but it also helps in working more efficiently. However, overcharging also damages the cell. Therefore, it’s important to create a moderate balance between “work and rest”.

In this article, we’ll give you a list of 6 simple habits that will boost your self-determination and help you overcome your laziness.

How to overcome laziness

1. Pin the reason

This is the first initiative you have to take to avoid laziness. Don’t find excuses, as that’s purely a characteristic of a loafer. Instead, find out the reason behind the problem. Reach the root cause of your passivity, and you’ll be able to conquer it. For that, analyze your thoughts and evaluate your emotions.

Ask yourself: What is it that’s stopping you from getting up? Does the assignment seem too boring? Or is it the fear of failure that’s scaring you? Once, you get the answer, then you’ll be able to solve your problem.

2. 10 Minutes and that’s it

I’ve applied this strategy many times myself. And oh boy! It works every time. All you have to do is to make a bargain with yourself. Provoke a deal of “only 10 minutes then that’s it”. Whatever unwanted work is pending, ask yourself to do it for only 10 minutes and then maybe leave it and rest.

Once you START, within the timeframe of 10minutes you’ll be so much involved in your work, that you’ll better end it before leaving it. Yes, you are tricking your mind into productivity. And, it works ; )

overcome laziness

3. Exercise repels laziness

Since laziness is inactivity and exercise is activity. Hence they obstruct each other. A study shows: working out accelerates your energy levels and improves your mood and also enriches your enthusiasm. Making you feel more active, energetic, and productive.

Whenever you feel vulnerable to the lazy monster, start doing some push-ups or go for running a while. This will surely help you work more efficiently.

4. Make a planner

This should be the first thing you do in the morning. Of course, after brushing your teeth. Plan your day and list down the goals of that day. The most important ones ranking first. Writing your set of aims will motivate you and help you achieve them.

Writing itself repels laziness. Once you’ve gathered the strength to write your goals, you’ve already defeated the sloth inside you. This is not only for women, men too should make a planner. By the way, men are proven to be lazier than women.

5. Make it manageable

As a Greek proverb implies:

A lazy tailor always finds his thread too long.

One should be realistic when setting their goals. Don’t overburden yourself. Establish achievable ideals. Expecting too much will only disappoint you.

Therefore, be practical and be kind to yourself. You may give up when trying to get EVERYTHING done. It’s better to do SOMETHING, be it little, than doing NOTHING at all. Isn’t it?

6. Start a countdown

5…. 4…. 3…. 2…. 1…. And up!

This is a basic rule to get your motivation sparked and your morale high. A countdown accelerates the heartbeat and energizes your body and mind. Ever wondered why we feel such a rush of vigor and zeal when everyone’s counting down to the new year. That’s because it provokes our enthusiasm and stimulates our energy.

The same formula applies in daily life. Try it and you’ll see the change yourself.


Restoring our powers and refueling is very important. One can’t only work and not rest at all. But, one shouldn’t only rest and not work at all. The work-rest-ratio should be moderate and lenient as well.

Anyway, these are some tips that helped me overcome laziness. And, I hope they help you too.



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