6 simple workout and staying fit tips with a busy routine


The 2-hour workout is not a good fit for everyone when it comes to managing work side by side. Balancing a full-time job with a consistent fitness routine is challenging. It is much easier to imagine being fit than to actually be fit. Especially when you add in all the responsibilities that come with working full-time hours. Just the commute to and from work alone is draining enough. But even with the stress of a full-time job. It is still possible to stay fit.

Staying fit can make your life easier. We often take it a headache to get up and do some jogging for half an hour. But believe me, this half-hour can make your entire day. There will be two kinds of people reading this, first, who agrees but don’t bother. In other words lazy enough to follow the rule of thumb. Second, those who will think of giving it a try. Comment down which one are you? 🙂


Here in this article, you can learn some tips on how to stay fit while working a full-time job.

Easy and simple tips for staying fit

Make staying fit a priority:

First of all, you have to make a decision. And you have to make this decision regularly. Staying fit takes a lot of time and energy. But when you prioritize being fit you will need less willpower to live a fit lifestyle.

Schedule workouts 

After you have made the decision to make fitness a priority. The next step is to schedule out your workouts. Plan out what exercises you will do for 3-4 days out of the week.

Go as far as writing your exercises down and also writing down how long your workouts will be. When you do this you take away the annoying feeling that stops most people from working out. Remember, it is okay for your workout days to change as your work schedule changes.

Join a gym close to your house or office 

Getting to the gym is always the hardest part. If you can get yourself to a gym. You are going to get some work done. Especially when you go with a schedule of what you plan to do that day. Joining a gym close to where your office or home is taken away long commute times. If you can find a gym that is 10 minutes from your house that would definitely be the best option.

Get a workout buddy

Workout buddies make working out more fun. A lot of the time, working out with another person is better than working out on your own. And most times your workout buddy will push you to do a little bit more than you would have done if you were by yourself. In addition, you get to learn what they know. This will help you reach your goals faster. And the best part is after the workout you can enjoy a nice well-deserved meal together. Food is always tastier after a nice sweat.

Take short walks 

Make being fit a lifestyle. You can add some easy yoga poses if you are way too busy.  The best way to do this is to implement more physical activities into your lifestyle. Short walks on your commute to or from the office at a very casual pace are one way of doing this. You can use this time to feel the sun on your face, feel the cool breeze, and just reflect on life. If you have a gym close to your house walking over to the gym is a good warm-up option as well.

Meal Prep

Eating right is the most important part of staying fit while working full time. It is easy to choose quick unhealthy meal options just so you can save a little bit of time while you are at work. But that is not the best decision for your health. To avoid eating bad food you need to meal prep. Get healthy ingredients at home and make your food yourself. If you can’t meal prep yourself then look for companies that will send you healthy meal options so that you continue to eat healthy nutritious food. A nice homemade smoothie in the morning will also give you the energy to get through the early morning grind.

We have established staying fit is hard when you work full time. But if you apply some of the suggestions we mentioned in this article it becomes very doable.


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