10 effective tips for cooking a happy and nutritious meal



A normal adult should have three meals a day. Cooking is not an easy job. From the market to the dining table the food is to pass through various stages. And determines your health. We are going to cover everything in this article you need to know how to make your mealtime worthy. 
If you care to look at it, cooking is actually an amazing art! The art of cutting and mixing and heating. Isn’t it magical! How you chop and blend and combine to rustle up a compound of taste and aroma.
This description, yet, I am sure does not benefit our routines’ cooking. We don’t see it as a fascinating and enchanting process, but rather as a duty to get done with soon.
Besides, if you’re doing something twice or sometimes even thrice a day, you might as well start loving it too. Don’t you think the same about cooking?
Here in this article, we’ll give you ten tips on how to enjoy cooking while being mindful as well.
So, follow me till the end to learn these tips:cooking
  1. Clean your kitchen
  2. Keep it simple
  3. Feel and breathe
  4. Prepare early
  5. Challenge your creativity.
  6. Representation
  7. Music
  8. Arouse your senses
  9. Cook liked meals
  10. Be positive and proud

Clean your Kitchen:

To be mindful while cooking, the first step you need to take is to clean your kitchen. It’ll be much less hectics and more peaceful if you clean your kitchen. You should:
  • Clear your counter tops.
  • Put things of frequent use in front.
  • Declutter your cabinets.
  • Scrub away the grease.
  • Wash dirty utensils.
  • Plant flower pots in the corners.
A pristine and eye-pleasing kitchen is enjoyable to work in.”


Cook simple:

Don’t make it too hard for yourself. Cooking 2/3 dishes is not suggested unless you’re a pro. Make one dish and make it good. I have many times overburdened myself with long courses of meals to make and failed. Something got burnt and the other too salty.
Thus keep it simple. It’s better to make one dish and with all your attention, rather than messing things up trying to overdo it.


Prepare early:

Try not to start cooking at the eleventh hour. You will never be peaceful nor mindful while cooking if hungry shouts are calling from the dining room.
So you should start preparing early. Otherwise, those hungry calls will become angry. And angry shouts will make you jittery. Which, as a result, will ruin the pleasure of cooking.


Challenge your creativity:


Get creative. Challenge yourself with new and harder recipes. Feel confident to alter spices as per your taste. This will increase your interest in the kitchen as well as improve your cookery skills. But, if you’re a beginner, I’d recommend following the recipe exactly.


Feel and breathe:
Feel your body, feel your feet touching the floor, feel the movement of your hands when chopping or stirring, and the heat under the stove. Relax and breathe. To be more mindful while cooking; try to feel every rhythm of your body.
As you stand over your culinary creation, take time to relax. And rather than worrying about the product, enjoy the process. Put your heart and soul in the course and you’ll taste its sweetness in your food.
Arouse your senses:
Keep all your five senses awake while in the kitchen. The more present-minded you are while cooking the more you’ll enjoy it. It will be meditative if you keep your senses awake. I always keep my senses heightened. I sniff to smell the aroma erupting and test taste too. According to a study: our senses start stimulating the digestive process even before eating.
Thus it’s essential to be present while cooking. It’s also beneficial because many times it’s our ears or nose ringing the alarm of food burning.
Music while cooking:
Play some soft music while cooking to be more mindful. Savor every moment and movement. Sway as you stir! But be sure to play music low enough to be able to hear cooking sound effects i.e the water bubbling and the meat sizzling or the chop of vegetables! As mentioned above our senses stimulate digestion. So make sure to listen to cooking sounds too.


Decorate and garnish:
  • Decorating the plate always plays a vital role in increasing the value of your food. As it’s said
“Our eyes eat first”
If your plate is presentable, even a boiled egg can look like a treat! Trust me when I say; representation speaks volumes! It shows you’ve put your effort mixed with love and care in your food.
Sprinkle some bouquet garni for attraction. You should also add colorful veggies in your dish to make it more appealing.
  • It’s good to set the table as well. Setting the table itself is an art. Place a flower vase in the center or use fancy table mats to make dinners special. Here are some ways you can set the table.


Cook favorite meals:
Is your child a picky eater too?
Well, if yes it’s much easier to cook what he likes rather than wasting one’s efforts and time. But that does not mean to give in to their choices, but try to keep a balance. Here are some tips to manage picky eaters.
Be proud of cooking:
You should be positive and take pride in cooking. And if you cook well then even more so! Cooking is a noble job. You’re feeding the hungry even if you’re getting paid for it or it’s your family you’re making meals for. Doesn’t matter, you deserve respect for being so purposeful and productive.
Cooking requires courage. Courage to burn your hands, to cut your fingertips, to see hot oil splattered in your eyes. It’s not a simple or easy job.
Cooking is not a gender-based role. You could be a homemaker or a chef in a restaurant or someone who cooks as a hobby. We know that you cook with love.
       We hope our tips help you.
                                                    HAPPY COOKING!




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